Saturday, October 1, 2011


It seems like summer barely got started and now it's over. The weather has changed and everything is taking on an autumnal feel. That's good if you don't like 90° temperatures, although I do. The cooler temperatures and breezes are a nice change though. I like having the windows open and hearing the crickets and frogs at night.

Donny planted collard greens in the garden where our squash garden had been. We haven't had a fall garden in years. I look forward to having fresh greens this year.

I pulled the loofah plants off the vine and picked some red peppers to dry. I'm going to crush them and put them in baggies so I can sprinkle them in foods when I cook. 

It's almost Halloween. You can tell because Scout has already been digging around in the barn looking for Halloween decorations. He likes to decorate for the holidays. I told him that he could take anything he wanted but he would have to bring it back packed back up if he wants to store it here. You wouldn't believe how many messes he likes to make. We still have a box of Christmas lights sitting on the carport from last year.

Speaking of Scout and his messy ways, I think Kim is starting to understand why I was always griping at him and staying on his butt about doing things. They are living together now and she gets to see first hand how much he makes messes.

I went into the bathroom after he took a bath here one day and there were hairs all over my faucet and in the sink. I got on to him and told him that he was developing bad habits since he wasn't living here anymore. He didn't leave hairs all over the faucet when he lived at home. And, why the heck was he taking a bath and shaving here? He said the lighting was bad at his house and he could see to shave here. I told him he better clean up after himself if he wanted privileges around here. Egads! He's devolved. That's not good. 

I was chewing his ear off one day when I told him he was a lot like his father. He doesn't pay attention to me, either. Scout admitted that Kim accuses him of the same thing. I don't understand men, but I do know them. I've lived with three men for long enough to know it doesn't matter how many times you tell them something, unless they want to hear you, they're not going to listen. Some things you can not change. Believe me; I have tried.

I hate going behind everybody and cleaning up after them so I gave up. I felt defeated until I found FlyLady and learned to change my stinking thinking around. I realized I couldn't change anybody but I could change myself. I've clung to my shiny sink and my kitchen routine. That is one think I can control.

Donny and I are usually empty nesters until Colt comes home for the weekend. I've gotten used to feeding the pets and cooking dinner for two again. It's usually quiet around here but on the weekends I have my baby home. He and I watch TV into the wee hours of the night.

The boys are going to fix my speedometer and brakes on the Buick this weekend. With any luck we might even get a few more things done around here. I love having my family around. Maybe we'll get to see Kim and the baby, too. 

Last week Jason brought Tristan to visit. Jason is 'another son'. He and Allen grew up with Scout and Colt. I loved watching little Tristan running around in the backyard chasing cats everywhere. They don't visit very often.

We used to have little boys running around in the backyard all the time. God, I miss the good old days.

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