Friday, October 21, 2011


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Did you notice all the crap I have on the sidebar? I really have some neat things. If you are interested in sewing, or if you're just a young mother looking for inspiration, I'd check out 'Craftiness is not Optional'. That girl can sew! She whips them out faster than lightning. She sews for her two precious daughters. They are also her models. Jess is a talented young woman who is adorably shy. You'll like her.

'Back in the U.S.A." is my new favorite blog. This lady takes amazing photographs of wildlife close up. She is dynamite! Speaking of which, for people interested in a perspective on our involvement in the Middle East, check out 'Musings On Iraq'. He is still focused on our entanglement in Iraq, unlike the lack of in depth coverage we are receiving in the news.

For you English lovers, I'd like to suggest 'Random Ramblings'. She has some incredible pictures on her blog, too, and she has the sweetest little bird sounds to listen to and create a mellow mood. I like knowing that all women are connected because of the earth and their love of the flora and fauna around them.

If you are a southerner you have to read '180 True South'. It might inspire you. I know I've learned a thing or two about history and the ongoing struggle to preserve history all across the south.

'Calling People Names' is a brutally honest and amusing blog about a disillusioned southern belle. All these blogs are interesting (to me) in one way or another. Check them all out on BLOGS I'M FOLLOWING.

I have found so many interesting blogs and groups since I got on Facebook and learned to blog. If you want to explore the blogosphere  try clicking on the NEXT BLOG at the top of the page and see what blog pops up next. I have found some interesting blogs that way.

I don't like playing games on the internet. I like surfing the web and learning things. I consider the internet like a monstrous library with all kinds of information in it. All you have to do is research. Research any subject or problem or information you need. We don't have to rely on one person's opinion. We can learn about it for ourselves as long as we can read. That is why educating people is the most important process of enlightenment we can share. It can shine a light on the truth.

For some reason recently I have become popular on the blogosphere. I received three or so friend requests on Facebook, which is strange because I don't normally attract friends. I usually say something inappropriate or sarcastic and repel people so you can imagine my surprise when I suddenly started receiving these overtures. What was equally strange was that it was all friend requests from men. It's not that I don't like men. I do. It's just that I can't figure out where the heck they came from. 

The people who belong to a southern discussion group, I can understand. They've seen me comment on there. But the other guys ... where did they come from? Or, rather, how did they connect with me? I am way old enough to be their mothers (uh,hmm ...grandmother). Well, not all of them but most of them. Maybe they like the cougar in me. Boy, that's funny! Not.

Seriously, though, I have really been enjoying my little activist groups and blogs. I believe that knowledge is power and the internet is unstoppable. Thank God! Oh yeah, and thank you Steve Jobs. He is the man we have to thank for the advances in the internet. It's a shame he died so young. Imagine what he could have accomplished if he had lived. I was oblivious  to his genius until he died. He was amazing.

Last night I got 278 hits on my blog! That really messed up my stats. I am obsessed with my stats. I stare at them so much I have learned to read them. It has to be some web-bots crawling the web. Damn you web-bots, die! I'll never be able to compete with that next month. Yikes!

On a lighter note, I have been spending quality time with my parents this week. It's great to have smart and talented parents. Momma is a character and she can do anything. She covered a beautiful couch for my aunt Patsy recently. She is teaching me to upholster. Daddy tore down the chair and Momma and I ripped the fabric apart for patterns. Now we are putting it back together. It's going to look great.

I fed the animals before I went to Momma's and Daddy's house. We have about two dozen cats. One of the little cats had a mouse in it's mouth about as big as it was. It was growling at the other cats, then it climbed in the feeding bowl with the dead rat in it's mouth. I guess it was trying to hog all the dry food, too.

The other day when I went to feed the cats one of my big black and white cats had pried the lid off the bucket I store dry food in and was eating it. I took the plastic scoop I use and beat the crap out of him until he finally jumped out. The greedy little monsters will eat until they puke. It costs a ton of money to feed all our pets. They should all be hunting rats!

Anybody want a cat? Anybody?

I told you I was ramblin'.

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