Friday, June 24, 2011

In My Opinion

I've been watching the mystery of Caylee Anthony for three years now and the trial has finally come around. Like everything else in the media age, it is being broadcast daily. I admit I become a bit obsessed with stories in the news and this case has been interesting to follow from the start. Everything that could be said was said by Cindy Anthony when she made the 911 call to report her granddaughter missing. 
Cindy said that her daughter had been missing for a month and when she found her daughter's car it smelt like there had been a 'dead body in the damn car'. She went on to say she found her daughter and she admitted that Caylee had been kidnapped by her babysitter thirty-one days before. Cindy sounded practically hysterical in the recorded phone call and truly desperate. That was probably the only honest moment in the whole case. After that there were so many twists and turns in the case, it was hard to keep up. Until the meter-reader found Caylee's remains, Casey was only suspected of foul play. She was immediately indicted on murder charges and held for trial.

Interest in the case didn't lessen as time went by and more and more details of the evidence was produced. Now we are in the middle of the trial. The prosecution has rested and now the defense is dancing around trying to divert sentiment away from the death penalty. They have reason to fear the death penalty because Florida is strong on execution, and being a woman doesn't automatically exclude you from the death penalty. I have no idea how the jury will judge this case and the actions of Casey Anthony but I wait anxiously for their verdict.  

I do have a theory about Casey Anthony and the death of Caylee Anthony after watching this drama play out for three long years. Casey was a party girl who got pregnant when she was only nineteen years old and forced to keep her baby after Cindy found out about the pregnancy. That had to drive a wedge between Cindy and Casey. Caylee became a pawn in their emotional struggle. George must have been the peacemaker. He seems to want to pacify Cindy and Casey.

The news media has mentioned that Cindy and Casey had a huge fight before Casey left home with Caylee in tow. Cindy supposedly strangled Casey during the confrontation. I don't know if they were fighting about Caylee or whether they were arguing about the money Casey had been stealing from her family and friends but the fight was probably the catalyst of the whole mystery. 

When Casey stormed from the house with her baby she lost her convenient means of a live-in babysitter. She had to figure out how to take care of Caylee while she partied. Her boyfriend had introduced her to the use of chloroform or  drugs to induce sleep. She used various drugs to knock Caylee out and when she didn't have access to those she would use chloroform. She could have practiced using chloroform on her mother's dogs and that is why the dog was lethargic. 

Casey either misjudged the amount of chloroform she used on Caylee or she murdered her intentionally out of spite to hurt her mother. Either way she is one twisted bitch partying and having a gay old time until her mother found her. She would have gone for months without reporting Caylee missing if her mother hadn't tracked her down. She didn't want Caylee to be found until she was completely decomposed and there was no more evidence. Fortunately, they have found evidence of different drugs used to sedate her in her hair. That proves to me that Casey had a reckless disregard for Caylee's safety and a total lack of maternal attachment.  

Caylee may have been curled up in the trunk of Casey's car many nights as Casey partied and drank with her friends. There are plenty of pictures of Casey dancing and carrying on during the period she claimed the child had been kidnapped. When her own defense admitted in their opening statements that Caylee had died and Casey had been hiding that it made her look even more callous as we remembered the surveillance film of her buying groceries and a huge case of beer with the stolen checks she had lifted from a friend. She was perfectly happy with her life after the secret death of her child Caylee. That doesn't evoke the signs of grieving. 

I lean towards the assumption that she killed Caylee in a fit of rage that she wanted to assuage in the baby's demise and to spite her family, especially her mother. She may have used too much chloroform while she was high and killed Caylee accidentally, too. Either way it was homicide. She had no training to use chloroform and knew she was playing Russian roulette with her child's life and health.

Caylee could have died somewhere else and Casey put her in the car to bring her home to hide. She may have laid her in the backyard until she set up a place to hide her in the playhouse until Casey could get rid of her. There were a couple of hits in the yard by the cadaver dogs. She put Caylee in the 'pet cemetery' or she had someone help dump Caylee's body there for her. They still haven't explained how Caylee's body was found in a wooded area close to the Anthony house.

The media has kept an eye on Cindy and George Anthony. Cindy seems to be the one that has acted the most affected in the family. I can't explain George Anthony's suicide attempt when he was found in Daytona Beach or his alleged affair with a woman he met who was helping look for Caylee. He must act out sexually when he is grieving, too, like his daughter. What a family. 

The only family member that we haven't seen very much of is brother Lee who was supposed to be hunting down leads to find Caylee. He only visited Casey a couple of times after she went to jail. I seem to remember a conversation between them where Casey said something like 'Don't worry. I didn't involve you.' I never saw that clip again so I'm not sure if that's what I heard.

Lee seemed to be sending a message of unity and love to 'C-M-A' at Caylee's funeral. He repeated that message to 'C-M-A ' more than once during his eulogy to his niece. It looked as if he was trying to send a message to the other 'C-M-A', Casey Marie Anthony. He could have been keeping a promise not to divulge a secret that he shared with her. He might have known about Caylee's death and Casey's frantic search for a dumping ground. Theoretically, he might have been involved. If the girls in the neighborhood knew about the 'pet cemetery' Lee Anthony had to know about it also. The kids in the neighborhood probably knew the land flooded periodically. It would stand to reason that the water would rise and destroy a lot of evidence, given time. Maybe that's what the person who dumped her there was hoping would happen. That's certainly what did happen. The policeman who when to search that area didn't look deep enough in the woods the first time anyone looked out there. It was marshy and snaky . We will never know if they could have found her more intact than she was finally found. Animals had scattered her bones.

I don't know how anybody could dump a sweet little baby in the woods left to the scavengers like that. I can't understand why a family would cover up something like that. Her family astonish me. Today Cindy Anthony told a jury that she was the one who made computer searches for chloroform instead of her daughter. 

Some people sympathize with Cindy and want to excuse her for defending Casey. They forgive her for trying to plant a seed of doubt in the eyes of the jurors. I look at her and realize that she is as big a liar as her daughter is if she is willing to lie for her daughter. I don't think Cindy knew what had happened to Caylee at first but now she is determined to defend Casey any way she can. I don't know how she justifies that and balances it with justice for Caylee. 

Someone put up clips of Lee Antony the other day. It looks like he has aged 10 years or more since Caylee went missing. It looks like the strain of the case has worn on him. 

I wonder if Lee and George might be involved somehow. I think Lee was trying to cover for Casey. When he was visiting her in jail, they were talking in code about Caylee's body being hidden close to home. It is the same type of code that Lee used during the eulogy for Caylee. Maybe Casey told her family the truth while she was out of jail and they decided to band together and their attitude changed from grief to . . . something else.

George must have realized that Casey was lying for a long time. He had been a law enforcement officer before he moved to Florida. He couldn't have been as blind as Cindy was as she grilled Casey about clues about where to look for Caylee. George seemed detached when Cindy was questioning Casey.  

Cindy started to change her attitude when she gloated about giving the detectives the wrong hairbrush when they wanted to test the brush for Caylee and Casey. I think, by then, that she suspected that Caylee was really dead and Casey was responsible. I couldn't think of any other reason Cindy would want to mislead the detectives who were searching for her granddaughter.

Now Cindy wants to blow off the entire 911 phone call and claimed she wasn't really hysterical about Caylee. She just wanted to get the cops out there to arrest her daughter, Casey, because the baby was missing. Say what? Are you crazy or something? It was an emergency and the worst kind of emergency; someone died! How can she be downplaying the phone call now, especially after the circumstances? 

I have one more riddle about Casey Anthony I would like the answer to. If her parents thought she was working and paying a babysitter to keep Caylee when she 'went to work', where did she get the money she used to live on? Nobody has ever explained how she was able to convince people she had a job. Wouldn't she be desperate for money? The stealing should have been a big clue that she didn't have any money of her own. How could she afford to go partying all the time? I want to know.

Casey Anthony may have wanted to live the 'beautiful life' but she had no regard for the beautiful life of her own child. I vote Guilty. What do you think?

As Always


  1. I think I put guilty in the wrong place, if so I am guilty

  2. That's okay. I do stuff like that all the time. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I think guilty. I really enjoyed this Pam, very good informative read.

  4. Thanks Kim. The boys eyes glaze over when I start talking about it. It's driving me nuts. They are a strange family.


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