Friday, June 10, 2011

Cooking and Mulching

Ain't that sharp? No, not the knives. The basket. I got this for four dollars at the 90 mile yard sale.

Fresh broccoli from the garden.

Fresh from the garden squash and broccoli.

Colander full of one broccoli.

Cut up broccoli and scraps.

Mulch bucket.

The head of broccoli I cooked from our garden.


I cut up that big head of broccoli from my garden. It was huge.  
We finally had fresh broccoli and yellow squash from the garden. I've never cooked home grown broccoli. It was delicious. I steamed it.

I threw the scraps from the squash and broccoli in my mulch bucket and emptied it in the mulch pile outback.

I've been mulching ever since we moved to Resaca. I have a little place under the trees near the house for our mulch pile. I put everything in it except meat. That includes scraps from potatoes, tomatoes, squash, broccoli, egg shells, cucumbers, banana peels, coffee grounds, grass clippings and stuff like that. I keep a 2 gallon bucket with a lid under the sink for a mulch bucket. 

The mulch pile provides good dirt for our flowers and plants in the garden and it is a dynamite worm bed. The boys put a little dirt from the mulch pile in the holes before they plant tomatoes and other plants in the garden. The rich soil gives the plants a head start and a good food source for the roots.

I keep hoping we will get a 'possum or something but we must have too many cats and dogs because they eat every chunk that is edible. The birds aren't even safe because of all the cats. I've quit feeding them. It was like an all day McDonald's for the cats. You know, fast food.

I bought this big beautiful basket from the 90 Mile Yard Sale on Sunday. It will make a great gardening basket or a great picnic basket. I feel like 
Little Red Riding Hood.

Does anybody else mulch?

As Always

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