Friday, January 14, 2011

My Shiny Sink

A few years ago Donny and Scout put some new cabinets and a new sink in the kitchen for me. They were a big improvement over the old ones. I took a lot of time before choosing everything. I was so proud of my new cabinets with pull out drawers. It was so much more convenient than ordinary cabinets. My favorite part of the new improvements was my shiny new sink. My single sink is very big and deep. I was determined to take care of it.

One day when I was reading on the Media Domain soap opera discussion board someone mentioned the Flylady website. One person complained that while they were visiting relatives that their host made them uncomfortable because the host would always clean the bathroom after the visitor's morning baths. They were insulted because they thought it reflected on them, like their host thought they were dirty, or something. Another poster said that the person may have just been a member of Flylady. They said the website teaches about cleaning your house through routines. My curiosity was piqued and I visited the website.

As I read Flylady's homepage I was thrilled to learn that the first thing she instructs you to do is go clean your sink. Hello! That's just what I was looking for. The more I read, the more I was impressed. She teaches that you can do anything for 15 minutes. Her mantra is babysteps. She encourages you and gently scolds you for your negative thoughts. She is loving and supportive and has a huge following. I don't know how many people are Flybabies today.

I joined Flylady's website and started getting daily emails with reminders like "get dressed" and "do your laundry" and "what's for dinner". There were so many emails that I figured I'd never get it all done. Thank goodness Flylady says you only have to do ONE thing at a time until it becomes a habit and the first thing is to SHINE YOUR SINK. She tells you to develop your habit at your own pace and stick to what you've established and before you know it your house will practically clean itself. I thought "Yeah, right."

Well, I'm here to tell you that, although I thought Flylady was some kind of crazy cult to start with, I am a true believer now. Flylady gives loving support and unconditional love to all her readers. She publishes testimonials from her readers that are uplifting and sometimes heartbreaking or hilarious.

Flylady starts out helping us with our homes and then she delves into the reasons our homes are a mess. She helps us get a handle on our finances and teaches us how to take care of ourselves. When I think of Flylady I think of the parable of the ten virgins. (Matthew 25:1-13) Before Flylady, we are like the five foolish virgins who don't have enough oil for their lamps. After Flylady, we learn to think ahead and be prepared for life like the five smart virgins in the story.

It is so much easier to clean your home when you think of it as blessing your family instead of cleaning up after everybody. It is so much better to think positively instead of bitching and moaning about having to do everything.

I recommend Flylady to anyone who wants to clean their house or learn to set up routines or who just need emotional support. It is especially useful for people with small children. Imagine how nice it would be to have your kids growing up learning to clean up after themselves. Flylady is for everyone, not just women or women with children. She had done more good to help more people than anyone I know. She does it with love and common sense. She admits that she struggled with all of these issues in her life and has finally figured out how to help herself and to help others. I applaud Flylady. She is my hero.

Go to and check it out for yourself. I think you will be impressed. I was.



  1. I always thought so much of you doing dishes right after dinner. Dishes at my house always piled up for days until finally someone (most of the time me) gave in. You'd be proud that I think of you now everynight after dinner and do the dishes so I don't wake up to them the next day. :)

  2. Dang! Nobody ever told me I was a good influence on them. It's lots easier cleaning up after people when you think of it as 'blessing your family'. Flylady helped me change my 'stinking thinking' a lot. It's nice to know I helped you, too.


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