Monday, January 17, 2011

Say Cheese

Do you remember when the Polaroid Land Camera came out sometime in the'60's? It may seem primitive now, but it was the cutting edge of the photographic age. Those individual pictures were the first steps in photography which has led us to where we are today.

I really wanted one of those cameras. I dropped hints around the house hoping that Moma and Daddy would get me a camera for my birthday. I think I was turning 15 that year.

To say my daddy is tight would be an understatement. He never buys anything until he's checked out all the similar equipment and compared prices and found the best deal. We lived in Dalton and, back then, there weren't lots of stores like there are now to compete for sales. Daddy and Moma decided to see if they could get a better deal and save a few bucks. They drove 30 miles to Chattanooga.

The Land Camera was really hot since it could develop pictures in sixty seconds and was being advertised nationwide for sale for $19.95. Everybody wanted one.

I rushed out to the car to meet Moma and Daddy when they came back home from Chattanooga. I was excited to see if they had gotten the camera.

"We looked at a lot of cameras but we didn't buy you one. Your daddy said they cost too much, but we did get you a book that tells you all about the camera." Moma said as she handed me a little brochure telling all about the Land Camera. She told me she was really sorry they hadn't gotten me a camera.

I looked down at the little book, then I looked at Moma. I thought she was joking but I soon realized that she wasn't. There was no camera. They really hadn't bought one and all I was getting was a crumby book about the camera. "Gee. thanks Mom." I couldn't believe it.

What a birthday. Oh, well, nobody could say they spoiled me now, could they? Needless to say, I was disappointed. I still had a glimmer of hope that they would whip out a camera and yell, "Surprise!" but that didn't happened.

Thankfully though, I had a good friend who knew I had been wanting a camera. She had a part-time job and she was old enough to drive. She came to visit me on my birthday and she brought me a Polaroid Land Camera. That was the nicest gift she ever gave me because I hadn't been expecting anything from her. It was extra nice since I thought all I was going to get was a book about a camera for my birthday. Thanks Susan. That was my Polaroid moment.



  1. Oh, what a sweet friend to do that for you! Hope you enjoyed your camera.

  2. Yeah Connie, she really was a sweet friend. She had a beautiful smile.


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