Saturday, August 8, 2015


This has been a busy and exciting summer and it's been a dull, and uneventful summer. I guess you can have both kinds. Right now my aunt Mary is visiting my mamma and keeping her company.

I've been mowing our yard and my mother's yard all summer. Recently Mama got all bent out of shape because I left grass clipping and decided to take over. She made Donny put the baggers on the riding mower and mowed. It takes a couple of hours to mow it all in ninety degrees heat.

A couple of days later Mamma told me she didn't feel good. Well, no wonder! An eighty-six year old woman with congestive heart failure shouldn't be mowing the damn yard. She doesn't listen to me though. I wish she'd quit doing that. I'm afraid she'll hurt herself.

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Susan and Bob


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