Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wreck in Resaca

It's always something.


  1. I want these pictures removed now! You have no right to post pictures from my wreck! If I wanted this horrible scene on the Internet it should be me or my family posting it! Not you! You are a shitty person to think this shit is ok for you to be posting! I almost died in that wreck and I want these pictures removed now or I'll take your whole site down with me!! I can't Believe you have the audacity to post shit like this, you are one sick individual and you don't even know me... Why are you posting pictures like this? You are a sick person and im telling you now! To remove these pictures!

  2. Lady that was very rude of your wording of "always something" that was my daughter who just about lost her life in that accident! It would be nice if you would of worded that a lot differently!

  3. Do you have permission for posting these photos? Do you ever think you might be invading someone's privacy? And for the caption to be "it's always something" is just inappropriate!

  4. Your words are so rude! That was my daughter in that wreck!! The Good Lord protected my baby girl that day and for you to put it's always something for your title in this post is RUDE!! I could of lost my baby that day, and you have the audacity to say that, you could of said pray for this family or anything else then what was said! I pray that you learn to use better choices in words from now on when you post things like this!! I thank God that he protected her and she walked away from this horrific accident!!!


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