Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need for Speed

The groom got a new car. How do you like it? I think it's H-O-T! And it's red. What's not to like? Scout, bless his heart, gave the old Mercury to his daddy. Now we have reliable wheels to go to Chattanooga next week for Don's defibrillator. I can't understand why Scout didn't just lend us the Firebird. Can you?
Mama is improving by leaps and bounds. I am so proud of her. I knew you couldn't keep the old crow down for long. She quit using her oxygen so she could get around easier and she started feeling better. She hasn't needed the wheelchair around the house and was only using her walker until today. The therapist is letting her use a cane.  

Mama is able to take care of herself and do the laundry. She's getting back to normal. Nothing can hold Mama back but I hope she doesn't overdo it. She's awfully stubborn. 
Katie and I like to do things together. Today I rode to the feed store with her to get goat food for Vinnie and Beatrice. We went to 41 Feed and Garden Center. One of my former beaus owns the store. 

I mentioned how sweet he was and the fact that he gave me an orchid when we went to the band banquet. I was only fourteen. He must have loved flowers even back then. He was a nice guy and he still is. That's why I try to buy something from him every year. 

We got the sweet feed and a leather collar for Vinnie then we left.

Katie asked me to help her put the goat food up when we got back to the house and we went into the upholstery room to put the food in a trashcan. 

Katie's white cat was in the upholstery shop so she started looking for her. Katie found the cat and three little kitties that were in a sack. Mama would have a cow if she found out. She can't stand Katie's cat. She's not going to like her kitties any better.
Tomorrow I'm going to take Mama to the doctor for blood tests. I hope it goes smoothly. Last time Mama was impatient and I was grouchy. I chewed out the nurse because we waited nearly two hours.

I make a lousy patient advocate because I am not patient. The only good thing about having me for an advocate it that if you want someone to speak up for you, I will. But that's also one of the bad things about me. If you want me to be quiet and pipe down, you're probably going to be disappointed in me. I've decided to be honest and upfront with medical people and they can either prove me wrong or do what they're supposed to do. I want the truth and respect. Part of that respect entails not keeping a patient waiting nearly two hours. It took some talking but the nurse finally apologized for the delay.

Why do I have to pitch a fit before people pay attention to me?
Donny woke me last Saturday and told me the tree cutters were outside. I jumped up and got dressed as quick as I could. They had already butchered one of my magnolia trees. I pitched a fit and asked them why the hell do they always want to cut our damn magnolias! I have fought to protect them for over twenty five years now and it's getting old. 

I don't care what anybody tells you, when they butcher a magnolia tree it never grows back right. The trees up the road look horrible because they cut them using the Shigo tree trimming method. I call it the "Shit-Go!" method because it looks like shit and ruins the trees integrity. They never go back to looking like they should.

Magnolia trees should not be trimmed. Our trees have had the lower branches cut off. They were like that when we moved here. That's why we can stand under the trees and walk around underneath them. Most magnolias have branches so low they touch the ground. Ours don't and they never will. Most trees have sprouts when branches are cut off but magnolias don't regenerate like that. That's why I get so enraged when someone comes along and cuts our trees.

On that note, this is my current fight. 

They butchered my trees. The bastards! Stuff like this makes me sick.


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