Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm A Bear

Sometimes I feel grouchy like a bear. Sometimes it's a good idea to stay out of my way. I feel that way here lately. Somebody has become too pushy and I've only just met them. Let me get one thing straight up front. Ain't nobody gonna start pushing my buttons and getting pushy with me on the internet. I am an American woman, by God, and I don't take shit off of nobody. Never have, never will. That's my motto and it's been my motto for a long time so I don't see any sense in changing it now. 

Like the dear comic genius Jim Carey said in The Cable Guy "I can be your best friend, or I can be your worst enemy. You seem to prefer the latter." And as David Banner aka The Hulk was known to say, "Don't make me mad. You wouldn't like me when I'm mad."

I have a hard time dealing with people sometimes and I think internet friendships are strange anyway. I am, and have always been, a stick in the mud. I can only reach out so far, and that's plenty enough. Here's the question. What makes people reach out to strangers from other countries. And why the hell do they pick people? 

I have had several people from other countries who take an interest in me, and I wonder why. I am not particularly entertaining. I'm about as exciting as watching wet cement dry. I am not talented, industrious, or anything. I am just a regular big mouth who enjoys spreading the word.

I have several interests, some more than others, and they can fluctuate from one to the other. I am nothing more than an armchair activist although I do see several heroes in the world making a small or large difference in their own way. I really respect these people. They are compassionate.

Whether it is a cat lover, or a dog lover, or an animal activist for all animals, or an environmentalist, or a whistleblower, or a conspiracy theorist, or a gun control advocate, or an intactivist who opposes circumcision, I admire you all. You have amazingly big hearts and respect all living creatures. You exert more compassion for your fellow humans than the rest of us do. 

I think it takes people with big, loving hearts to make a better future for us all. Until we all work to make the future better for all people, not just ourselves, we will never get back to creating Utopia. In the sixties, I thought we were on our way. Nowadays I wonder where the hell all the hippies went.

Tomorrow is another day. I guess I'll deal with my problem the way I always do. With tact and manners. After all, I can be gracious when I want to be.

Who laughed? Hmm .....   I feel better now.

Come closer. I won't bite.
Bear Dog


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