Monday, September 2, 2013


The flowers are looking great around the house. It has a tropical vibe. I planted some black elephant ears out front between my other elephant ears and fire poker red canna lilies. They've come a long way and are just about as big as the elephant ears I've had for years.The black elephant ears spread by a root system so it won't be long before they become a nuisance.

We still haven't finished painting the house. It's my fault. I was supposed to paint some boards before they're put on the house and I never did my job. Blame it all on me. Everybody else does.

Daddy called me today and told me to get up there. He's been passing blood and the doctor didn't know what the problem was so he sent daddy to an urologist. The urologist did some tests on him but they haven't got the results back yet. Today he was still sick and Mama was, too. Mama has been having a hard time breathing and the doctor told her she has bronchitis. She sounds like she is out of breath all the time. 

Daddy wasn't able to see the doctor today because it's Labor Day and all the doctors take the day off. Isn't that nice? When you're old and sick you just have to suck it up and try to hold out until a weekday or give in and go to the emergency room. 

You'd think doctors would be able to leave someone in charge of their patients over the holidays but instead they're hooked up to their patients via the internet. Mama talked to the doctor over the phone and had to give the doctor a list of Daddy's medicines. He took Daddy off blood thinners like aspirin and fish oil. I didn't even know that fish oil was a blood thinner.

Mama was lucky when she had to be hospitalized when she got sick. Her doctor was on vacation and another doctor was attending to his patients. The doctor diagnosed blood clots and scarring in her lungs. 

Mama's regular doctor never listens to her when she tells him about her breathing problems and always lectures her because she used to smoke, about 20 years ago! He is so fixated on making Mama feel guilty, and associates every symptom she has with her former habit, that he doesn't listen and try to find out what's really wrong with her. 

If it hadn't been for the wonderful doctor who took Mama seriously when she was complaining with shortness of breath, she might have died. Her regular doctor always diagnoses her as having bronchitis. I don't entirely trust him now since Mama has been short of breath all summer and he thinks it's still just bronchitis. Mama said she's going back to her breathing doctor soon. I hope he's able to help her. She's miserable when she can't do anything.

My idea of a great summer is when nobody gets sick, or hurt, or has any accidents. It's funny how your views change when you get older. I used to hate being bored and not having any excitement. Today I thrive on it.

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Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah*, Yom Kippur*, Autumn

*Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year, 4th
*Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement, 13-14th


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