Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Livid

An estimated 100,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war since it began. Over 5000 children and 3900 women have been reported dead. Our government wants to get involved in the conflict in Syria since they have used poison gases to kill adults and children, totaling an estimated 1400 people. 

I hate war. If it were left up to me, America would never go into another war in the middle east again, unless it was a direct threat to Americans. The countries in the middle east are thousands of years old. There are many countries all around Syria that are strong enough to squash this insidious gassing of the Syrian people by the supposed Syrian government. They're still not sure whether the gas came from the government or rebel factions in Syria. We walked into the war in Iraq blindly following George W. Bush and it costed America over 4000 lives, not including the approximately 3000 people whose lives were lost in the 911 attack on America.

Let me break it down to you in the simplest terms I can. If 100,000 people have died in Syria from gunshots and women and children were slaughtered and we didn't intervene, how is it possible to become so outraged when 1400 people were gassed? Simply put 100,000 total, no reaction. 1400 people, time for war. 1400 people is 1.4% of the people who were killed in this slaughter. ONE POINT FOUR PERCENT!

I find it disingenuous for President Obama to suggest we engage in another war in the middle east. These people are pitiful but America has a terrible history of supporting one side against another and then being attacked and hated by the side we supported. Isn't it time we let Russia, China, and all the nations around Syria handle this problem and keep our noses out of it? Don't we realize that while Washington is flapping it's gums about attacking Syria, the world is watching these debates and will be prepared for any American involvement in their war? Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and dozens of other powerful and rich countries surround Syria. Why do WE have to be the ones to intervene? And why the hell is President Obama determined to follow in Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II's footsteps? Do all men who become president lose their mind and want to exert their power (our military might) over countries that have nothing to do with us? On another side note, why the hell is it alright to get involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else in the middle east but we totally blew off the deaths in Darfur and other countries?

Our troops have been at war since 1990 during the Persian Gulf War, aka the First Gulf War. They have been stressed to the max and their nerves and lives have been disrupted. It is time to quit acting like we are the only ones in the world who can do anything. Isn't that what the United Nations is for, to settle disputes and decide when the world needs to intervene? Everybody knows that the government may decide to get involved in wars and military actions around the world but when the soldiers come home and can't find employment, display mental problems because of horrific acts, and are wounded the government refuses to support them and offer assistance. They only want the soldiers to shut up or die. They sure don't want to pay for the medical help they will all need eventually.

Let's stop the charade and quit being Big Brother to the world. Use diplomatic channels to put pressure on Syria. Don't help kill more people by dropping bombs indiscriminately. Everyone knows that's a lie, too.


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