Thursday, July 4, 2013


My, this is a different fourth of July than last year. Last year I was soaking in my kiddie pool in the blazing heat. This year I'm just getting soaked. The news prognosticators predicted flooding everywhere. I was worried to death because we had to go to Marietta the other day to deal with Colt's apartment management. They want us to pay two more months rent. Never, ever sign a contract without reading every word. We were lucky because the rain wasn't as bad as it is today. 

The boys and I went to Mama's and Daddy's house for a cookout today. We had a quiet little family dinner. After the barbecue their friends, the Sosebee's, came to visit. My two aunts, Patsy and Mary, were going to come eat with us, but they decided not to because of the rainy weather.

Don promised me and the boys that we would go to White Water in Marietta on Friday but it looks like it's going to rain again. Too bad. I've never been to the water park and was looking forward to floating around in a stream all day in the sun. All I'd need is a pair of cheap sunglasses and a Margarita with a little  umbrella in it. 

Don has the sump pump turned on. I can hear the beep, beep, beep, beep sound. It's driving me crazy. It's like water torture! You can imagine how much water is standing under the house.

I think it's time to start building that ark. Don't you? Stay dry.

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