Friday, June 1, 2012


Ah, it's June and it's deja vu all over again. The mouse is on the wheel; what goes around comes around ... again, and again. 

Last weekend we had a cookout at my parents house for our Memorial Day feast. Momma took care of everything like she is loath to do. She is very organized so the cookout turned out very nice. She didn't feel like fixing everything so she served chips and bought potato salad and cole slaw. 

Donny, Colt and I brought Jason (one of my 'adopted' sons*) with us. Scout and Kim came, too. Momma's sisters, Patsy and Mary, were also there. I love visiting with my aunts when my parents have a party. They are fun to be around. Everyone had a good time that day. 

Daddy told us that Momma hasn't been feeling well and was having trouble breathing. We were concerned that the blood clots might have come back. 

Daddy said Momma had been sitting on a chair pulling weeds. She can't stand to see things get out of hand so she is always going around weeding by hand. Since she doesn't have the energy to get around she has taken to sitting and weeding the yard. That's how he knew she was very sick and why he took her to the emergency room. 

They went to the emergency room Tuesday. She has walking pneumonia. That is why she has been short of breath. It sounds strange to say, but I am so glad is was only pneumonia. Momma will have to rest and recuperate. That's easier said than done because Momma's a worker.

I don't know how Momma is going to be able to rest. It's not in her nature. I wish I was more like her.

Plenty more things have been going on, too. Jason's father had to go to the hospital. He has cancer. The doctors said he has double pneumonia. I don't understand how people can catch pneumonia, but it is still dangerous and needs to be treated by a doctor. When your body is weakened by disease, you are more susceptible.


This weekend is the annual HIGHWAY 41 YARD SALE. I didn't put anything out to sell but if you drive by the house you can still see my Confederate flags I planted in my front yard during the Battle of Resaca. If you drive up or down highway 41 this weekend be sure to go slow and watch for cars making sudden stops in front of you. You might find some wonderful treasure in someone's front yard.


Our neighbors are tearing down the mobile home on the lot next door. It had rotted down so bad they are demolishing it. I climbed on a ladder and took some pictures of it before they tore down the walls and the roof collapsed. I would post pictures but Colt's computer isn't working right.

Didn't I tell you there's never a dull moment in Resaca?


Colt nearly stepped on a rattlesnake at the Bojangles in Chatsworth last week, so watch out for snakes. Summer's here whether it's officially here, or not.

* Jason and Allen were our neighbors.  They are Scout and Colt's friends.

Aaron, Dustin, Tyler, Sara, Colt, Tim, Eddie, Jimmy, Gary, Steve, Dana, Nancy, Hanna, Keegan, and Shanda

Chase and Krista

J.L. Strickland, Mary Bell Carter, Sam Burchfield, Charlie Burchfield 

June 1-2-3


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