Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I believe we are headed for a beautiful, warm summer. Everything is in bloom here in north Georgia. Don's garden is looking good. He's even broken ground for another patch of garden. We like spreading them out. He's taken over Scout's job. I shudder to think what he is doing. 

I tried to get Don to put newspapers down like Scout has been doing and covering them with straw to keep the grass out of the garden, but he doesn't listen to me. He put one layer of paper down and the grass is sprouting through it. I told him I'd show him how to do it before he started but he won't ask me for help. I guess he'd rather hear me nag him after he's done. 

Scout and I had it down to a science. It's much easier than hoeing or tilling around a small garden, if you prep the area right. The newspaper has to be at least five or six layers deep and crisscrossed so there are no open places for weeds to sprout up. We spread straw around to cover the newspapers and make everything look nice and neat.

I've been sprouting seeds in my little starter kit. I have plenty of yellow tomato plants to transplant into the garden. I also started two kinds of gourds: loofah and birdhouse. I hope the seeds sprout soon. I planted some green bean seeds Don gave me and they started sprouting a couple of days later. Everything is growing in high gear. I love having a little garden in the backyard.

Today I cooked out on the charcoal grill. I had some chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing. I let the chicken cook on the grill while I prepared rice in the microwave. I pulled out the left-over fixings for a salad we had the other day. I was so proud of myself. 

My meal didn't even heat up the house. It's so nice when I don't have to crank up the oven and heat up the house. I'm trying to figure out how to get around heating the house with my cooking without giving up the convenience of eating at home.

I've read some blogs about using your freezer to store homemade frozen dinners for your family. One suggestion I really liked was to put up foods that you prepare in different ways. Freeze food that can be cooked in different ways so you have variety. Fix stuff for the crock pot, oven, stove top, and the microwave.

That got me thinking about all the different ways I like to cook food. Before I had a microwave oven, I learned to use a pressure cooker. I used to use it all the time. I liked cooking chicken breasts or stew beef because the food was tender enough to eat with a fork. The water I cooked with made great gravies and sauces. Pressure cooking cuts the cooking time in half.

I think I will try to make some meals for my freezer so I can pull something out and cook them at times like this, when you don't want to heat your house up like a coke oven.

Y'all stay cool. See ya on the shady side.

Rachel, Steve, Connie, Buddy, Edwadene, Maranda, Vivian, Junior, Madison 
& to everyone celebrating this month

to everyone celebrating this month

Grampa Carter, Aunt Ev

The Battle of Resaca May 18-20, 2012


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