Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Improvement Project

Last year we got new windows in every room except the living room. We also got a gas hot water heater and a "water closet" built. When the weather turned cold we suspended all operations. I've really enjoyed our new windows and the way the house seems warmer now. I've been impatient for spring to arrive so that we can get back to finishing our home improvement projects. We have to finish painting the house blue and paint all the trim white. I've got some bright red I want to paint on the front and back doors.

New countertops.

We replaced our old lower cabinets about five or six years ago. Since then, Moma and Daddy gave us their old dishwasher after they got a new one. I wanted to get it put in but there were always more pressing matters to attend to around the house. After nagging Donny about it for a while he threw it out the front door in the driveway. I drug it around to the carport until he was willing to put it in for me. He finally plumbed it in so I nagged Scout until he built a frame around the dishwasher. I needed a new counter top long enough to cover the dishwasher so I shopped around for a while. Donny and I bought two pieces of counter top last weekend at Home Depot. Scout cut the sink hole and Colt helped carry the counter top in and anchor the top down. I love having grown sons who are smart and hard working. Scout's the builder, Donny's the electrician and plumber, and Colt helps them both.

Water closet.
 Family projects are so much fun. I dream them up, then I have to inspire the guys. Donny has to approve the project and the guys have to complete them. I love being married to a man who knows how to do things, and I am so blessed to have two great sons who know how to do things too. Our sons re-roofed the house, put in new windows, built my washroom, built the water closet for the hot water heater, built the dog lot, and did a thousand other things around here to help. We're very fortunate to have such considerate sons.

Brake job.

Scout and Colt helped Donny put the back brakes on my car. Since we all drive old vehicles they have plenty of practice repairing cars and trucks. Scout learned to work on vehicles when he got my old Ford truck. It always had something that was tearing up on it. Colt got my grampa's old Chevy truck and Daddy bought him a new crate motor. Donny and Scout helped Colt put the motor in. Donny bought an old Ford truck, like Scout's, except it is a short bed. It always needs repairs, too.

I hope we are able to get the new windows for the living room and then that home project will be complete. I can't wait to see what we get done this year.

If it's gonna get done it's gonna get done the Strickland way.

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