Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colt's Art

John Lennon resting in a hotel room.
Zack Wylde in concert.
Megadeth lives.

The Johnny Depp look.

Climbing the ladder of success.

Colt graduated with an Associates of Science degree in physics from Dalton State College. He is attending Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia studying construction management. We are all very proud of him.


  1. He draws pictures of John Lennon? Why is this not my son?? He's very talented. Debbie

  2. Colt's talent is amazing, Pam! I know you're proud of him.

  3. Thanks Yall. Colt is really good, isn't he? He got that from Moma's side of the family. haha You know that's the truth, though, Tommie.

  4. Fantastic! My compliments to the artist (and his mom!)


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