Friday, February 11, 2011

Only The Lonely

Valentine's Day seems like the only holiday that makes single people feel sad and lonely. It seems like everywhere you look there are lovers. People are kissing and cooing and being all syrupy and sickening. Or, it feels that way when you're single. I know because I used to feel that way when I was single. I longed for the romance and adoration of a lover who would ply me with sweet Valentine cards and candy. I dreamed of having a romantic candle-light dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. I wanted to be loved and adored. Who wouldn't?

One year around Valentine's Day I was lonely and blue. My boyfriend and I had broken up and I was down in the dumps about it. Valentine's Day only seemed to add insult to injury. I told my aunt that I was sad because I didn't have a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. She gave me a piece of advice I'll pass along to you.

"Why don't you order some flowers and have them delivered to yourself? You can sign the card 'Your Secret Admirer', or something. That way, if anyone sees the flowers, they will think that you have a boyfriend. You won't have to tell them you sent the flowers to yourself."

I thought about it and decided she had a good idea. I went to a flower shop and paid for a bouquet of red roses and filled out a card. I asked them to send them to my apartment. I went home and waited anxiously for my delivery.

When the florist pulled up in front of my apartment I waited excitedly by the front door. I opened the door but I didn't see anyone else around. Darn! I put on an act for the delivery man and gushed over my flowers. After he left, I felt let down because my performance had been for naught. Without anyone else to see the flowers what good did it do?

Over the next few days I had some visitors but nobody seemed interested in my flowers. Nobody asked where they came from. My ex-boyfriend came by, eventually, to harass me but he didn't even mention the flowers. I doubt he even noticed them. He certainly didn't give me any flowers or candy or anything for Valentine's Day. Oh well.

If you don't think anyone will send you anything for Valentine's Day you can always treat yourself. Just be sure to send the flowers to your job. If you live alone you won't be able to impress anyone and you might come out looking like a loser. Lots of luck. I never did get my candle-light dinner.



  1. This rings a bell. I vaguely remember doing something similar in high school or college. Musta been college 'cause I didn't have a job/money in HS.

    Lemme let the ol' subconscious work on it and see if anything comes back. I seem to remember being nervous and afraid somebody would find out I did it...

  2. I thought I was the only one! Great minds, and all that. lol


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