Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Excitement in Resaca

Today Scout and I were standing on the carport when we noticed a car pull into the church parking lot at the Resaca Church of God. A man got out of his car, talking on his cell phone. He started walking away from his car swiftly. When I looked back at his vehicle again, it was on fire. There was fire all on the ground underneath the front of the car.

Donny and Scout took an old fire extinguisher over to the church and tried to put out the fire. The fire extinguisher ran out of foam too quick so they weren't able to put it out.

A Georgia State Patrol saw the fire as he was riding by so he called the fire department. He didn't offer to get out of his car to help or get out his fire extinguisher to put out the fire. He used his intercom to announce that he had contacted someone.

Two fire trucks came to put out the fire and they doused out the flames all around the car. They flooded the dash with water, too.

I talked to the gentleman who was driving the vehicle. His name is Josh Freeman. He said that he threw out a rod and then the car caught on fire. I didn't know that your vehicle could catch on fire from throwing a rod.

Thanks to Colt for helping me download my pictures.

It's always something!



  1. It's always something in Resaca. I was just tickled to death to have my camera to capture the excitement. I had to wait for Colt to get home and download the pictures on his computer.


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