Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy Coots and Cat Crap

I love living in Resaca. There's never a shortage of entertainment around here. One day Scout and I was at home when a car with two men pulled up in the driveway. Scout went outside to see what they wanted. I could see them outside. In a minute the car was still there but the men were gone. I looked outside the windows trying to see where they had gone. I saw the young man standing in front of our barn and couldn't see the old man or Scout so I went out there to see what was going on.

When I went out there I thought they might be some religious people because the young man looked very clean cut and the old man had Scout cornered at the back of the barn near Colt's truck waving his arms around and kind of poking Scout in the chest. I sure didn't recognize them.

The young man introduced himself and said that the old man was a neighbor that he had been riding around for the past couple of days. He said the old man was on a toot and his family had kicked him out. He had been taking him places when the old man asked him to. The old man asked him to bring him to our house because he wanted to visit Don. It turns out that the old fellow used to work with Don. Don had talked about fixing Colt's truck and the old man had come to see it.

The old man said he thought Don was a great guy and he really had enjoyed working with him. He just kept going on and on and it was obvious he was wasted. He kind of staggered around and looked unsteady. He bent down and cracked his head on Scout's truck and then when that happened he decided to get on one knee and his knee landed in cat crap. I think he had meant to get on one knee and apologize for acting a fool in front of me. Instead he proved himself to be a bigger dummy.

Scout and I started walking them towards the front yard and out the main gate. The old man kept talking about how he hoped he hadn't made me mad and he sure wasn't trying to cause any trouble. I asked the young man if he had been drinking, too, and he said he hadn't. He just felt sorry for the old fellow. The old man staggered and fell back again before he left. I was worried to death he was going to crack his old head. If he had, he would have fallen under the Edgewood insurance policy. That's where we throw you over the fence off of our property and leave you at the edge of the woods and let the coyotes take care of you. That's what I used to threaten the kids with if they ever got hurt while playing. That's why my kids weren't complainers.

 They finally left before Don got home from work. Scout said he was glad Don hadn't come home early or the old man wouldn't have ever left. I figure the old man deserved to fall in cat crap if he's stupid enough to go around visiting people when he's so drunk. Don't you?

I'm just glad that Scout was here when those guys showed up. I wouldn't have been as accommodating.


  1. When we lived in Resaca on Flowers Rd. we had all kinds of people coming to our door. I think all the crazies stop at houses in Resaca. I remember one time some idiot knocked on my door and told me my husband said he could borrow his tools. I didn't let him have them. When my husband came home I asked him and he hadn't told anyone to come by and get tools. When we were at work a couple of days guessed it...someone came and took every tool we owned. I know it had to be the guy that came to the door that night. We called the law made a report and told them the guy over the hill had been by trying to get tools. All the officer said was...Oh well that's going to be hard to's the case number file it with your insurance. Then after we moved....I had several boxes of glassware and small appliances backed up to pick up the next weekend. Someone broke the glass in the back door came in and hauled off everything I had packed....they even took the pictures and clocks off the walls. What did the law say....sorry here's your case number file it with your insurance. I have to say...I don't miss living there. My youngest son who is a officer with Whitfield country is going to remodel our house in Resaca...Let's see if someone's brave enough to break in then. He's an excellent shooter with his Glock and even better with his Kember (I think that's how it's spelled). This is posted in Hana's google account. I don't have one...mine is with Wildblue) LOL Hana is my puppy..

    Written by S Hill

  2. Oh, believe me, I know there are some real wierd characters around here. I have some crazy stories! lol Over the years we have had a few incidents of vandalism and thievery but no major things, probably because I'm always here. I depend on the dogs to alert me if anyone is messing around here and the yard is totally fenced in so it would be hard to get in here unnoticed.

  3. PS Sue . . . I am sorry to hear that you had so much trouble while yall lived here. Another neighbor mentioned having things stolen, too. He said he thought there was a crackhead stealing stuff to sale. ALSO That man was a friend of Don's so he was harmless. He was just stumbling drunk. I don't tolerate fools lightly. They don't call me The Enforcer for nothing. ;~)

  4. I still laugh everytime I hear about his. Wish I could have been there to see this guy. I'm suprised Scout kept his cool. I love the title, so cute and funny.


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