Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Wreck in Resaca

This car was going north on Hwy 41 in Resaca Georgia when it turned in front of an oncoming vehicle.
Traffic was backed up after the wreck. It didn't take the LEO long to show up. Fire Trucks and Ambulances showed up, too.

I think that was a PT Cruiser that took that big Cadillac out. I was surprised there wasn't more damage to the Cruiser.
* * *
Over the past 22 years we have seen countless wrecks and accidents. I usually don't think to take pictures but I was able to take the pictures on my cell phone and (with Colt's help) put them up here. 

The man driving the Cadillac was going to visit the Wheat's. He got out of the car and went to talk to Mr. Wheat. I finally figured out that a man and a woman had been driving the PT Cruiser. The lady took pictures with her cell phone, too. I couldn't figure how the white car landed over the ditch and not IN the ditch. If he swung around through the driveway he barely missed a couple of reflectors there. And if he swung around over the ditch how come he didn't fall in it? Who knows? The couple didn't appear to be hurt and the old man was walking around and talking to Mr. Wheat so he looked like he would be alright. I talked to one of our neighbor's who told me that he had lost his wife in February when he was making a turn on the Dalton By-Pass and was T-Boned in the passenger door. His name was Mr. Slaughter. He said he thought the man driving the Cadillac could be Mr. Wheat's father. Don't quote me on that though because I didn't ask.

That's All For Now 

It's always something.


  1. Wowe, Pam looks like you had an eventful day. That was just up the road from your house huh. Crazy, Looks like most of the damage to the Cadillac was done when it hit the ditch?

  2. I think it was caused by the right front of the PT Cruiser and the black color was where it rubbed on their front tire. It was unbelievable.


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