Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Destruction of America

God, I hope this is a good year. I seriously have my doubts though. We shall see.

It's not even the middle of the month and our nation is already in free fall. We have learned, barely a week before the inauguration of president Trump, that the Russians were in contact with the Trump team before the election and they worked diligently, leaking information to discredit Clinton. 

Our government and the electoral process have been compromised. America has never had so direct an attack from a foreign government before. How we respond to this attack on our democracy, and their successful elevation of a buffoon to the highest office in the land, who  is Putin's puppet, will test the very fabric of democracy. I don't hold high hopes now that the Republicans have control of the house and the senate. 

One quarter of the voting public support this traitor and his swamp of deplorables who will dismantle our government and squeeze every dime out of us. They don't even understand the damage they have wrought. They don't care.

Obamacare is not the real name for the health bill. It is called the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. Republicans labeled it "Obamacare" to undermine the President and the policy. The ACA, short for PPACA, strengthened patient's coverage and expanded their healthcare. People didn't face lifetime caps on coverage for catastrophic illnesses or denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, two of the most important benefits of the ACA.

The ACA was based on "Romneycare" which Mitt Romney created for his state when he was governor of Massachusetts. If you do a little research you will find that his plan was based on the Heritage Foundation's plan. 
Believe it or not, the Republicans did draft a similar health plan previously.

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative research think tank organization that evolved from the John Birch Society. JBS was an extremist group that nearly died out until the Tea Party arose during the economic recession. They are anti-government radicals.

Presidents have tried to introduce universal health care since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office in 1933. Republicans have always opposed it.

Republicans have already passed a bill in the senate on Thursday (1-12-17) blocking six parts of Obamacare. When Republicans stayed in session until 02:00 Friday morning, they blocked coverage for preexisting conditions, contraceptive coverage, child health care program (CHIP), allowing children under 26 to stay on their parent's insurance, medicaid expansion for lower income, and veteran's coverage. All of these things have been a godsent for millions of people who didn't have insurance before. Now, it is being stripped away from us.

This is only the beginning. They're going to work on social security and medicare next. God help us all.

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