Saturday, October 1, 2016


I saw a sign the other day. It said something like "my life didn't turn out like I expected it to be" and I thought that pretty much sums up my whole life. 

I've been painting and cleaning up around the house. I'm trying to get Alice's room painted so she can have a cheerful place to play. I am a horrible painter and if it wasn't for Colt I would have never gotten started. One gallon of paint wasn't enough so I had to buy some more. I've never painted the walls any color except white so I was a little anxious about smearing the walls a jackfruit yellow. They turned out fabulous.

The grass seeds that Colt planted when he repaired the lawn is so thick I have to raise the blade on the lawnmower all the way. 

This has been a busy summer. I had been mowing Moma's lawn until she got a wild hair and bought a riding mower so I didn't have to do that any more.

I got to see Alice pretty often this summer and enjoy watching her develop and grow. She's a smart baby and has a great personality.

We didn't have any cookouts or do anything with the family this year. I miss that. We used to cook out at least one or two times a year when Daddy was around.

It won't be long before Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whew ...
Three fourths of the year is gone. 

The presidential election is impending and everybody is on different sides. This is the most contentious and disgusting election of my lifetime. I hope to God everyone gets off their fat ass and go vote.

That's all I have to say about that.

Butch, Katy, Kim, Susan, Carol, Larry, Corbin, Gail, Melissa, Melody, Erin, Emily, Debbie, and Jesse

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