Saturday, March 12, 2016


I know it's March and I know I'm getting later and later every month so don't be hating. I've been busy doing things. Yeah, that's it. I've been busy. Like today, Scout came by and helped dig up the grease trap to see what was wrong with it. 

The sink and dishwasher haven't been draining for a while. For the past three days I was flushing out the drain pipe with the water hose but the water still wasn't draining fast enough. When Scout dug up the ground around the grease trap he found the concrete pipe was broken. He finally repaired it and now everything is okey-dokey again. No wonder everything has been a mess around here.

I developed leg spasms and was so sore I could barely walk after sitting over the pipe for three days. The only bright spot was the surprise I got when I looked down between my legs one day and saw a frog staring up at me from the mud. He was probably thankful for the puddle of water accumulating over his bed. Poor thing. He didn't realize he was living in a toxic waste dump.
You should have seen the chunks of grease that I flushed out of the line. Gross! I hope I didn't grease up the little frog too bad. Maybe it will moisturize his skin. 

Poor old Don has been working seven days a week and never has time to take care of the things he usually has to do around here. He's nursing a cold right now. He's probably just run down because he never gets any rest.

Don's better off than his brother in law, Noody, is though because he got burned by a brush fire and had to go to the burn unit in Atlanta. Ouch!

I went to the doctor with Momma the other day. I'm glad we went because Momma was telling the nurse about eating collard greens to thin her blood and the nurse told her that her blood was too thick already, not too thin, and she needed to quit eating greens. They thicken the blood.

I don't know what's worse, being sick or not knowing what the heck you're doing and making things worse. We went to the Oakwood Cafe afterwards and had chicken livers. 

Donny and I got to eat at the Oakwood Cafe with Colt and Meredith and her family for dinner last week, too. We got to see Baby Alice She is such a sweet baby. We are so lucky. 
I made a road trip to Acworth last weekend to see my cousin Debbie. She is one of my favorite cousins. After tax season we're going to Character's Famous BBQ and check it out. I can hardly wait. 

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