Sunday, August 4, 2013


Boy! This has been a mild summer. Temperatures are usually in the 100's and everything is dried up by now. Instead, it has been milder and very humid. All in all, it makes for some lazy summer days where we all sit around hoping for a breeze. Even with all the lower temperatures, I've noticed leaves falling off the trees in the backyard. We keep inching towards autumn.

My computer is being a little witch here lately and doesn't want to let me work on anything. I'm having a devil of a time trying to get it to accommodate me. I don't know why everything inanimate is messing with me right now. Not only is my computer giving me crap, but one of my smoke detectors had been going off for days until someone finally put a new battery in it (and, hopefully, the other ones as well). Light bulbs keep blowing at such an exponential rate that I should buy stock in lightbulbs. I'd make a killing if everyone had to replace light bulbs as often as I do. I wish they'd last as long as the guarantee but they don't.

Every time I've tried to get on the computer here lately it's frozen up. That's why, if this post seems discombobulated and scattered all over the place, it's because I can't keep a thought in my head long enough to get it posted on here. I don't post a lot when Colt is home anyway because the computer is in his room. He runs me out at night so he can sleep. He is working with Scout this summer.
Last week my Facebook friend, Kristie, posted about a friend of hers who died unexpectedly. She was only 42. I read some of the sweet things people posted about her and thought she must have been a very special person to have so many friends who love her so much. I read a couple of news articles about her and her death. Her husband, John Wayne Mackay, and his mistress, Nichole Michelle Houchin, were arrested for the murder. He was a sergeant in the army at Fort Eustis. Ms. Houchin was also stationed at Fort Eustis.

I got a call from a classmate who told me that Steve Pearson, another former classmate of ours, was Dana Patterson Mackay's stepfather, the woman who had been murdered. Steve is a minister and has been serving at Meadowdale Baptist Church for over 30 years in Calhoun. He  and his family are well known in the community.

On August 3rd* Calhoun Times posted on their front page about the return of Dana Mitchell Patterson's body to Gordon County. An 80 vehicle procession led by Missionaries on Bikes (M.O.B), a church group, escorted her body from Adairsville to Thomas Funeral Home in Calhoun. 

She received front page honors as a Gordon County native, but nowhere in the article does it explain what happened to Dana. The article ignored the fact that Dana had been married, and her husband was arrested for her murder. It didn't mention that her husband conspired with his paramour to kill his wife. 

I can understand the desire to distance yourself and your loved one from the monster who took her life, but it is important not to forget the senseless way she lost her life and the details. Not yet. Not until justice is meted out for Dana. Not until Mackay and Houchin are convicted.

Dana Michelle Patterson* was listed in the August 7th edition of Calhoun Times obituaries. Still no mention about cause of death, or her husband.

What's going on with the Calhoun Times? Why the lack of coverage in the paper?

The trial date has been set. It begins in September of 2014. Patterson Trial Set*

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Jonnie Bell, Gloria, Blake, Bob, Justin, Cole, Jerry

Susan and Bob



* edited  8-7-13, 7-23-14 
PBS 8-4-13  Wednesday 1:47 AM EDT

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