Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Feel Tense

For the last few weeks a lot has been going on around here. First, we lost our little dog Jack, and then Buddy got sick and we had to take him to the vet. One week Donny had to go to the doctor, and Buddy went the next day, then I went the day after that. On top of that, I had a mammogram that looked suspicious so I had to go back for another test on my boob. 

My blood pressure was a little high when I went to the doctor. It's never high. The doctor told me to come back for a consultation after my second mammogram. I was worried that he might tell me some bad news, although the technician said it only looked like a cyst. Instead, I had to have my blood pressure checked again. It was high, but not as much as my first doctors visit. They tested it again before I left and it was getting closer to normal. 

On my first visit with the doctor he told me that he had recommended a hysterectomy when I had been to him four years ago. I was dumbfounded because I didn't remember him saying that. I do remember him telling me that I should come back and he would put me on a pill to stop my menses and then he would put me on a hormone pill for menopause. 

I told him that I didn't want to go on hormones because my aunt had died from breast cancer and my momma and all her sisters had been told by Crick's doctor that they should never take hormones. Crick's doctor told them all to get a good mammogram and take care of themselves. I wasn't about to take hormones, if I could help it because of that.

I had avoided going to the doctor for four years because I didn't want to take medicine or be on pills. On the second visit, he was more concerned with my blood pressure than the mammogram and told me that it was okay, but I needed to have another mammogram in six months. 

I have to admit I was kind of pissed about coming back because of my blood pressure, especially when the doctor told me to keep taking "those pills I gave you". He hadn't given me any pills. When he told me he'd prescribed blood pressure pills, I began to wonder if he was the one losing his mind. He never gave me a prescription, or told me to take blood pressure pills. If he had, I would have told him I didn't want to take them anyway.

Donny takes blood pressure pills, and he has to go back twice a year for a new prescription, and for them to check his blood work. I know I may be wrong but I believe it's a big scam to keep getting money out of you. The only time my blood pressure goes up is when I get upset when I go to the dentist or doctor, or it's election time. 

I also went to Doctor Phil for my six months visit and he finally took the bonding off my front teeth. Now, when I smile, I have big gaps around my front teeth. He had to scrape the adhesive off and use a grinder to get it loose. It made my teeth sore again. I was warned not to eat apples or corn on the cob until they tightened up again. I'm sure that experience didn't help my blood pressure any.

I've been feeling like a rubber band wound tight on a balsam airplane, here lately. The presidential election is three weeks away and, depending on the outcome, I should be able to settle down and feel less uptight after that. Otherwise, I'll probably stroke out before the next election. I nearly blew a gasket when George Bush was president. I can't imagine how bad it will be if Romney wins. 

I can understand people who are stressed out because of Obama. That's how I felt when Bush was president but I hope President Obama wins a second term. I'm afraid the Republicans will destroy the social systems that help poor people. Despite their protests, most Republicans don't care about the needy.

Speaking of needy, and stress, it won't be long before it's Christmas. I hate the hustle and bustle of the people as they climb all over each other shopping for crap that most people don't want or really need. I've always thought that Christmas was too commercial. This year won't be any different.

If we can make it through the holidays, and December 21st, the day of doom on the Mayan calendar, we can look forward to another new year, with new hope for a better future. Let's all hope we get one.

Now, do you understand why I'm so tense?


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