Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby's Going To School

It's that time of year again. Time to go back to school. We had a good long summer but it's time to get to work again. It's a big shock for little ones who are starting school for the very first time. This is the beginning of many firsts in their lives. The first time many of them are away from their mother. The first time they learn to obey teachers. The first time they go to class all day with other children. The first time they stand in line at the lunchroom. The first time they ride a school bus. The first holiday at school. 

There will be so many things they will learn and get to enjoy. Their innocence is precious and fleeting. I envy them getting to learn so many things for the very first time. 

I loved school holidays. I remember the decorations we made for the holidays. Every occasion became a time of joy as we cut colorful construction paper and pasted it together, as we learned to celebrate each season. School was fun when I was little.

The new school year is no less stressful for the older kids. School is a time of learning and socializing and, as they grow older, the pressure mounts. 

By the time I was in my teens I had to worry about fitting in and looking attractive. I did the best I could with what I had. 

The red and white checkered shirtwaist dress Momma wanted me to get was not attractive. I refused to let her buy it. Everyone would have made fun of me, comparing  my dress to a tablecloth. I can just imagine the comments they would have made. 

If you survive your school years and graduate with your peers you should be proud of yourself. School is much harder than it was when I was young. I'm not sure I would survive it today. I'm glad my boys didn't take after me.

My baby's going back to school again. This will be his fourth year at Southern Polytech. I'll be so happy when he graduates. I've worried about him, and chided him, and encouraged him when he needed it. My baby ain't no baby no more. (Yes, I know that's a double negative.)

I usually stand at the window crying as I watch him drive away. This year I saw him off but I was so tired and sleepy I forgot to cry. 

Colt had been working all summer with Scout but Friday was his last day of work. He took Scout to work on Monday, and I took him Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't get my usual nap out in the morning and I've been tired ever since. That's why I forgot to cry. 

Sometimes when Colt is around he bothers the crap out of me. I have to go around behind him, telling him to "pick this up" or "don't leave that there" like he is five years old. I don't see know how he takes care of himself when he's living in Marietta. I know he doesn't do any laundry because that's what he expects me to do when he comes home on weekends.

Every time I get used to having him back home, he has to go back to school. Then I have to get used to being alone again. Don isn't much company. When he comes home, he is so tired he plops down in his recliner and watches TV until time to eat or go to bed.

Colt and I have a confabulation every night. The computer is in his room so I spend a lot of time there. When he is not around, I can play on the computer all night. When he is home, he makes me get out of his room so he can sleep. Can you blame him?

We will have to get back into the school year routine. He will be gone through the week but I can expect him to come home with his laundry, and his burdens, ready to unload and relax. I try to give him well balanced meals when he is here. There's no telling what he eats through the week. Probably a lot of ramen noodles and too many energy drinks. I imagine Colt and his roommate, Bob, are typical college guys. By that I mean really, really messy.

I will be so happy when Colt finishes college. I have my fingers crossed that the job market improves soon and he is able to get a good job. We have high hopes. Just one more year. Just one more year. That is my mantra now. Whew! Hang in there baby. You're going to make it. We have faith in you. 

pass it on!

Little Layla started kindergarten this year, too.
Good luck little lady.

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